A New World Is On Its Way! Are You Part Of It?

Cryptocurrency revolution, Vegan revolution, Life coaching revolution, Awareness revolution….. I envisage a promising future full of love for every being in this world and an economy more fair and distributed. In many countries, people have no access to banks (or don’t trust them; e.g. Zimbabwe) but they have access to a mobile phone or internet…

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A Life Lesson From “Finding Dory” The Movie?

A long time ago I decided to stop watching TV. It’s not hard to realize that nowadays TV is full of garbage and bad news. Watching it is not good for your cognitive skills and keeps you in a sedentary mood. I’m still a fan of good films and some series on Netflix but that’s it. In…

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Christian Trejo

What Is The Most Valuable Advice For Someone In Their 20s?

Today while I was answering some questions in Quora, I found a very interesting one: “If you could give a 20 years old person one piece of advice, what would you tell them?” I was going to answer this question with a super extensive and wise piece of information based on my life experience but…

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Worrying about money

When To Worry About Money?

Years ago, I heard an amazing concept called “The Kiss Test” from Eben Pagan. The concept is for men who are interested in dating: “How do I know if I should kiss her?” Most guys are looking for a secret trick — her eyes dilating, when she flips her hair, etc. Eben’s point is: She…

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