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Flight Of Fancy Life Formula is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to change your mindset, find your passion, create a business based in what you most love to do and grow it successfully. It shows you exactly what to do, which resources you can use and how to get along the whole process in a simpler way. Everything for your success is considered here.


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I’m Christian Trejo, the creator of the Flight Of Fancy Formula … that’s a system that’s been used by thousands of users from different countries and lifestyles to turn their current life in something that they have always dreamed about: a Flight Of Fancy Life. The impact has been crazy huge…my students and clients have now done well over $20 million in startups and online businesses just following their passion and doing what they love. Along the way, I’ve coached or helped all kinds of experts and dozens more “gurus” — but I get most excited about all of the “regular folks” that I’ve helped quit their jobs and follow their dreams by creating something they are really passionate about.


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Definitive Guide To Start An Online Business

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Want To Start An Online Business But Don't Know Where To Start? This is for sure the right place. Personally, I think this FREE guide created by our friends from Foundr Magazine is one of the best resources you can find on internet that can give you a very accurate idea about all what you need to start your own online business.

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Ultimate Guide To Making Money

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Want your own copy of the Ultimate Guide to Making Money to read whenever and wherever you want? You got it. Before you dive in, we want as many people to live a Rich Life as possible, so please help spread the word by sharing the guide with the buttons above. It really helps.

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Brian Flatt -

Since I created my website I started getting a passive income but it was nothing considerable to change my lifestyle. Through luck and happenstance I bumped into Christian’s website. His positiveness has been something surreal every time. I worked in personal sessions with him, sometimes I was not able to understand his non sense tips, but I was more than willing to give anything a try at least once. I’m pleasantly surprised with the results. It’s fascinating how a coach can open your eyes: I learned to learn. It was just a prodigious growth for me and my business.

Brian Flatt -

Chiara Francica -

Outstanding! As entrepreneur, I’ve never had problems to build successful business but I’ve always struggled with being completely happy and fulfilled with my achievements (always looking for more, you know!). And my encounter with Christian was just precise and extremely helpful. I became more spiritual and aware of my surroundings. I feel enlightened!

Chiara Francica - SFI

Michele Casino -

An old soul! How someone so young could be so wise? First thing I made when I came back home was to tell my wife about how Mr. Trejo turned my realism for life in ashes. Two months later I got a fantastic job and if I should thank someone is Christian Trejo. I will keep calling him until my kids have kids because I bet his soul belonged to some spiritual guru in a previous life and now lives in the body of a young man.

Michele Casino - Manager At ThirdHome

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