We have been told that we must drink at least two liters of water every day to keep ourselves hydrated and our organs well-functioning. But, I don’t think many people even realize how important this is and not only from the physiological point of view, what about the energetical point of view?

In the last years, quantum physics has filled the to-do-list of the scientific community: we have discovered that we were wrong in many things and that ancient philosophers and scientists like Socrates, Platon, A. Einstein, N. Tesla, and many others were not as crazy as we thought.

Nowadays, researches on different areas under the eye of the quantum physics theories have shown amazing and unbelievable results, one example is WATER. Yeah, something that you have been drinking for your whole life blindly without knowing the legitimate power that you can find on this vital liquid; vital indeed!

One of the most important water researches the world has known, the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, studied for more than 20 years how the molecular structure in water transforms when its exposed to human words, sounds, thoughts, and intentions.

The amazing discoveries of Dr. Emoto are documented in the New York Times Best-Seller book: The Hidden Messages in Water but in summary, he demonstrates how water exposed to good, loving, grateful, benevolent, and compassionate human intention results in aesthetically pleasing physical molecular formations in the water while water exposed to fearful, angry, unpleasant and discordant human intentions results in disconnected, disfigured, and chaotic physical molecular formations. He did this using Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high-speed photographs.

These are some of the water crystals photographs from Dr. Emoto’s work. Each water crystal you see was exposed to the word it has written next to it prior to being photographed:

Dr. Emoto also showed how polluted and toxic water can be altered and restored to beautifully symmetric crystals like the ones found on clean and healthy water, after being exposed to a prayer and good intention.


And this is related to what the field of quantum physics has told us about the power of energy in the behavior of the molecules, cells, and atoms. Since everything is energy, when we exposed any particle to a negative or positive vibration, such particle reacts accordingly.

You may be wondering, and what does this has anything to do with me?

Simple! You probably drink water every single day, more than once: and if you start setting intentions, saying reinforcements words and feeling positive vibrations with and to your water before you drink it: you would be charging and energizing your water with a powerful energy that could change the chemistry of your body but also can affect the direct vibration of your energy to attract more positive things in life.

We cannot forget that water constitutes 60% of our body. And if you think that talking to your water before you drink it is too crazy, well, who cares? Crazy can be good and the best part is that you have nothing to lose and for sure you have so much to win.

The Indian yogi author Jaggi Vasudev, also known as Sadhguru says you should treat your water with reverence, avoid drinking water on plastic bottles and instead try to use copper vessels because copper is a good electric conductor and it allows water to maintain its charge and flow in a much better way.

The benefits of starting talking positive things to your water could seem miraculous, in fact, according to the quantum physics theories about energy and vibrations; by doing this you would be boosting the power of the law of attraction within you.

Sadhguru says that treating your water with reverence will keep you healthier, younger, and happier; it will also keep you away from illness and can even heal your body from whatever you could be suffering at the moment.

If we remember the basic principles of quantum, we know that everything is made of energy and that we attract people, things, situations with the same energetical vibration than us; in this way, by drinking positive-energy-charged water, we would be charging ourselves with positiveness; by doing this, the resistance that is holding us to get what we want should be easily removed.

This is why I wanted to share this with you. Because if you really want to unleash your best-self, you need to add more habits that allow you to become a better version. Does this sound crazy? Yes! But, talking about a device with the size of the palm of your hand that is able to connect you in real time with anyone anywhere around the world was also a crazy idea in 1800. So, maybe we should start embracing more crazy concepts and getting rid of the typical obsolete theories.

We are in the awakening age and that means we are getting more connected with our higher-self, it means we are embracing our consciousness as the main vehicle to change our lives and reach the highest level of enlightenment, happiness, and health.

We don’t need medicine to keep ourselves living a majestic life with a body that works perfectly, we need awareness of ourselves through the power of meditation, we need new strong beliefs that whatever we believe will dictate our reality and we need to use what nature can offer us in its purest state to keep ourselves working optimally. 

Some of my friends don’t like water, they don’t like the taste and they drink everything else that is not water. I wonder if they would change their mind after knowing what they are missing. After knowing what we have discovered and that has been ‘scientifically proved’.

Do you want to change your life with simple basic steps? Start with this:

  1. Believe all that you want is possible. And change your beliefs to something that will help you. For example, believe you can heal yourself, slow the aging process, attract whatever you want, etc.
  2. Meditate every day. As long as possible but minimum 20 mins. This will bring you more benefits than spending 2 hours working out at the gym
  3. Start talking to your water in a good way and why not, to all the food composed by water (that means all food) that you are about to eat.
  4. Try it for 30 days and if you don’t see good changes in your life, SUE ME!

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    3 replies to "Do This One Thing Whenever Your Drink Water Again"

    • Arroggya marneni

      Hi Trejo, I have been following you for quiet a some time. Every article of yours is inspiring me. Thank you.

      • Christian Trejo

        I really appreciate your comment. Dont hesitate to follow me on social media.

    • Gaby F

      I recently discovered this phenomenon and immediately put it to the test in hopes to heal some hormonal imbalance I’ve been experiencing. Two days in to my test and I’ve experienced a result that i couldn’t believe (having lost my period for months, i got it back this evening and I’m stoked)! I immediately started to research more about the topic and came across your article. Thank you for putting this info out there, I hope more and more people continue to wake up and put faith in the power of intention and energy so they can heal themselves and others. Namaste

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