A new year is beginning; time to start working again on those old resolutions or at least try again on those you didn’t fulfill last year.

Or maybe simply creating new ones for this new year. Every one talks about new year, new life, new goals. And it’s great! In fact, January is the most profitable month for any kind of coach: life coaches, business coachs, dating coachs, fitness coachs.

However, before getting again all-in into the process of working out on our New Year’s resolutions, there are a couple of things I think we must understand.

The first one of them is that you are not an individual. If you want it or not, accept it or not; you are not a person separated from other persons, situations or the world. In fact, you are all that you can see around you and more. YOU ARE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.

And only when you realize this and live under this premise, you will allow yourself to be a better person, partner, professional; simply a better human being.

People go through life living in a bubble. Anything happening out of that bubble, they just decide to ignore it; because as long as there is nothing out there directly threatening the way they live, they don’t need to do anything to solve it. But, once we need help or assistance and there is no one to help us, we start playing the victim role. For example:

  • There are people starving on the other side of the world. People: “Oh, that’s so bad! Ugh, I think I will throw away the leftovers because they don’t look good anymore”.
  • There are people dying in other countries because of war conflicts. People: “I’m so safe at home. Damn, I hope my government doesn’t allow many of those refugees to come in.”
  • There are tons of plastic contaminating the oceans. People: “I will share this article about plastic pollution on my Facebook to make my friends think about it, then I will meet my friends for a cocktail that I will obviously drink with a straw because otherwise, i cannot drink it at all. Oh, and I need a new plastic toothbrush”
  • There is a big problem with global warming. People: “Damn, it’s so hot/cold outside. This global warming is crazy but I cannot eat less meat because I love it”
  • There are animals being slaughtered every day. People: “Oh, my dog is my baby, I love animals but I will eat a beef burger because I’m so hungry”
  • There are people who need to walk many kilometers to get some water to drink. People: “OMG! That’s horrible. I will open the tap water to run as fast as possible to wash ONLY this glass. And I think I will buy some plastic water bottles because the water tastes better. Oh, and I need to wait at least 5 minutes before getting into the shower because I need super hot water.”
  • The Earth is overpopulated and there are so many abandoned babies in the world. People: “I want to have 3 kids, and I don’t want to adopt because I want them to have my genes.”

Most of the people live like leaches: taking, receiving, exploiting, asking; but never giving back. Don’t be a leach! You don’t want to be a leach, no one likes them.

The second thing you must remember is that life is all about balance. So, if we are the universe and everything is about balance, that means we need to find a balance in our life to give something back of all what we have been taking.

We are not asking you to go back to live in a cave but it will make you feel very fulfilled, grateful and happy to do your maximum effort to make this world a better place to live.

There is no way for anyone to unleash their best-self from a selfish and egocentric point of view: it simply cannot happen.

You want to feel good, you want to attract the good stuff to your life, you want to be happy, you want to be better; then you need to improve your inner side.

Do what is right to do (sharing posts on Facebook doesn’t count), make your surroundings better for everyone and spread the word around you, so more people take actions about it.

Wars and all kind of international conflicts are just the outcome of leaders who never improved themselves, leaders who always lived in their “comfort bubble” sponsored by the taxes that we pay, leaders who have zero empathy to understand what other people want to have in this planet.

But, if you are reading this is because you care about being better and being happier. You know what is the best path to take and you know you need to surround yourself with people who has the same vision, mindset and opinion.

Get out of your bubble! You don’t need to move to the other side of the world to volunteer in third world countries, you can do small things from your hometown:

  • reduce animal product consumption
  • reduce plastic use
  • save water and electricity as much as you can
  • support people not as lucky as you
  • if you love animals then love them don’t eat them
  • help others
  • give love
  • be kind
  • if you want a family, try adoption; you can change the life of unwanted kids; if not, have only one.
  • use public transportation or share your car with others
  • try vegan and eco-friendly alternatives for your lifestyle

What you focus on expands. If you focus on being a good person, you will become a better one. And by the law of attraction, doing things that make you feel good, you will attract good things to your life and that means all that you’ve ever dreamed about.

Is it a coincidence that the most successful people in the world are the biggest philanthropists? No, it’s not. They know how things work, they use their resources (most of the time money) to help and give something back.

Life is a cycle of energy and the energy is constantly flowing.

You cannot simply try to hold all the good stuff for yourself because eventually you will create resistance; this will block your energy flow and the bad stuff will come to your life: bad people, bad situation, problems, etc.

Keep the positive energy flow on yourself and the people you care; this will pay off, you’ll start seeing the miracles happening, and our world will heal with the help of us.

A very important step to unleash our best-self is to be a good person with our surroundings.

Happy New Year!

Lots of love. Namaste!

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