E. Christian Trejo

No One Owes You A Dime

In our path to find the best version of ourselves, it is really common to bump into one of the strongest and worst mistakes of our lives: Entitlement! This is something that pretty much every person in the world has experienced at least one time in their lives but it is getting more obvious and

Bitcoin Is Rat Poison, Right?

Hey guys, as you may know, I have been heavily involved in cryptocurrencies for the last year. And although it may seem I am new to this space, I actually bought my first bitcoin 4 years ago. I believe that blockchain technology will change the world, here is why keep reading! “Bitcoin is Rat Poison

E. Christian Trejo

The old crocodile was floating at the river’s edge when a younger crocodile swam up next to him, “I’ve heard from many that you’re the fiercest hunter in all of the river bottoms. Please, teach me your ways.” Awoken from a nice long afternoon nap, the old crocodile glanced at the young crocodile with one

Six months ago I started trading cryptocurrencies, I studied and learned about trading analysis, how to read the charts, follow the news, etc. I started only with $120 because I didn’t want to lose money learning. I am a quick-learner, at least that’s what I thought; in one month, I turned my U$120 into U$4800.

Creating Abundance Without Working

This is it! You can’t stand it longer, can you? You are emotionally drained. You are sitting on your couch after a long day at the office, trying to relax while wondering how much more. You work hard, you keep yourself positive (most of the time), you try to not spend too much money so