Usually, I don’t like to talk about politics; we all know it’s a boring and complicated topic, but today I really want to talk about a special person that I am completely sure you have heard about. It’s one of the most controversial characters of the world in the last three years and a lot of people around hate him but today this man is occupying one of the most important offices in the world: the presidency of the United States of America.

Yeah, I want to talk about Donald Trump and not because I like him or support him but because he’s shown us that everything is possible if you have the right mindset; even when the odds and the whole world are against, you can still get what you want.

I’m Mexican and it would be treason to my country if I support Mr. Trump because, well, you know all that he said about building a wall between Mexico and USA, making Mexico pay for it, etc. etc. However, even when I don’t like Mr. Trump as a human being, we have to accept that he has mastered one of the most important things you can master in life. He’s mastered the law of attraction; his mindset is a winning mindset and that’s one thing we should learn from him.

Please! I want you to listen one of his speeches, Any of them. It doesn’t matter what is the topic about, he thinks and keeps repeating to himself and to the world that “Everything is easy” for him. If someone asked him about how to get the presidency, about terrorist groups, about China relationships, about making Mexico pay for the wall, about healthcare, about diplomatic relationships with Russia, China or any other country… his answer is always “Oh, that’s easy”.

What is the result? I think we all know…

The entire world took Trump’s candidacy as a joke and he ended in the White House, 98% of the population feels annoyed about him and he is still one of the most important people in this planet and even before that he was already successful enough.

He might be not a good person but the most important thing is that he doesn’t care and because he doesn’t care, his thoughts and vibration are perfectly synchronized with getting all what he wants and this, my friends, is the vivid example of how someone who’s able to master the law of attraction can get what he wants.

Now, let me tell you something, you can tell any story to yourself that you want, but make sure it is an empowering one. You need to start thinking differently because if you want something but you think it will be too difficult to get it or it will take too much time and effort or you are not ready yet or you are not good enough, then all of those stories will create your reality and then they will put you further away from what you want. You need to activate the power within you, you are a creator and you are made of the same energy that it’s able to create planets, stars, and life.

Think about this.

Are you able to get $1 in one day? Yes, you can, easily. Everyone can. Most of the people are making much more than that in one day.

Are you able to get $500,000 in one day? Yes, you can, everyone can.

Why are they not doing it? Because there is something in our mind making us believe that in order to get that amount of money we need much more than 24 hours, but the truth is that for the universe makes no difference to give you $1 or $500,000.

The universe is creating everything around us constantly, including stars and planets, do you think it’s a problem to create $500,000 for you? No, it’s not a problem, the problem is the resistance that you add to the equation when you think that you will need more time just because it’s a bigger amount of money. But if you are able to believe and feel that it’s possible to get $500,000 in your bank account immediately and out of nowhere, oh my goodness! I promise you, you can get those $500,000 right now.  And the same is for everything else in life. You need to start changing your thoughts, your inner dialogue and whatever comes out of your mouth.

How can I do it? Someone would ask.

EASY! It’s so easy to start doing it, it’s so easy to start attracting what you want.

Do you realize what I am doing here? Everything is so easy for you, you just have to mimic the mindset of Donald Trump, you don’t have to be like Donald Trump, you just have to understand that everything in this life is easy and it comes easily to you.

You don’t need to work hard to make money, who said that anyway? Who made that rule? Someone broke for sure. Is there a universal rule book where it says that you need to work hard to get money? If that would be true, everyone would be a millionaire because a lot of people is working 10 or 12 hours per day, some of them have two jobs and they are not even close to being rich. But also, there are some people who work only four or five hours per week and they are crushing it, they are rich, successful, traveling the world and living the life they want.

Let’s start with this new mindset and I want you to repeat this every day:

Life is easy, life is beautiful and amazing. I love my life because everything is so easy for me, the Universe always provides and it’s easy for me just to receive it and enjoy it. Life is fun, I am having so much fun because life is easy. Money comes so easy because I am connected to the eternal universal source and I can do what I love and enjoy it because it is easy. It’s so easy to find my dream job, it’s so easy to create a business and it’s so easy to make money, especially now with the internet it’s so easy to make an online business and it’s soooo easy to make a lot of money, it’s so easy to get new customers for my new business, it’s so easy to meet people and to make friends, it’s so easy to eat well, it’s easy to do yoga and to meditate and it’s even easier to keep myself young, healthy and strong, it’s so easy to be happy and enjoy the life, it’s so easy to travel around the world and it’s so much fun to do it, it’s so easy to meet the love of my life and it’s so easy to create deep and strong connections with the people around me, it’s so easy and fun to focus on myself, on the people I love and on the positive things that make everything so easy. I am vibrationally aligned with my desires and I can easily attract anything I want. It’s easy to buy the house of my dreams, it’s so easy that I don’t even have to think about how I will do it because I know I will have it because it’s easy. It’s easy to buy a Ferrari, it’s even easier to buy a private jet or a yacht because most of the people don’t believe they can have it and that means there is plenty of private jets and yachts for me to choose. Everything comes easy and if someone like Donald Trump can be president of the United States so easy, then I can have a mansion, an exotic car, a yacht, ten million dollars in my bank account, a happy and healthy life, and travel around the world with a beautiful family and my soulmate easily and without any struggle. I can be happy, fulfilled and joyful easily because I am the creator of my own reality, the designer of my life experience and the architect of my surroundings. I love it because life is fun and I love fun.

It was an enormous pleasure to write and share this with you. Have fun and enjoy the easiness of your existence.

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